The Roman villa of Russians in the homonymous town of about 12,280 inhabitants in the province of Ravenna is an archaeological site of great importance as they are the remains of a Roman villa rustic of age. The area is located about 20 km west of Ravenna. The villa was built in the middle of a large farm whose products were intended for men of the Roman military fleet stationed in class, the ancient port of Ravenna. The villa became very important in the Common Era, then a productive activity of the villa began to go into decline with the transfer of the military in high waist shaper only to be completely abandoned in the Byzantine period.

The villa is one of the best preserved in northern Italy. The complex, which was found in 1938-39 and subsequently revealed and studied in the 50s, is spread over an area of ​​about 8,000 square meters, including the housing part that is the villa itself and the production area. Housing remains the plant, in excellent condition. Clearly visible are the geometric mosaics of different rooms. Today, the whole of the Roman villa is a building used as a visitor center, a classroom designed primarily for educational and other environments with the function of the warehouse and restoration workshop. Recently, the area surrounding the old spanx higher power where he insists the archaeological area was made a nature park reconstituting the typical environments of the floodplain.

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Urbis glia is a medieval town of about 2,700 inhabitants in the province of Macerata in the Marche. It is located on the hill of San Bagnio, and is enclosed by walls culminating in the fortress, fortification of the sixteenth century, dominated by a Mastoid of the twelfth century. From the tower captures the full structure of the medieval town and the view expands on a panorama that goes from the Sibylline Mountains to the valley of Fiesta, from the mountains of Fabians the Adriatic Sea. But what most distinguishes Urbis glia is its largest archaeological park, the largest of the Marche.

Delphi is situated quite high in the mountains and so the views of beach sandals and reef women’s ginger flip flop were beautiful. It was a nice change after cold, rainy Athens. First, we visited the temple of Apollo, one of the most important Olympian deities in mythology. Apollo is quite the multitasker. Not only is he the Sun God, he is also the god of music, poetry, art, archery, and even medicine and healing. In the museum, Panagiotis showed us a ceramic vase with a depiction of Apollo. He pointed out that some of the features gave Apollo a feminine quality. I would not have noticed this if he hadn’t encouraged us to look closer.

This happened several times throughout the museum. He also showed us a statue of a man. To me it looked like any other statue of an ancient Greek: tall, naked, with well-defined muscles and curly hair. I supposed it represented some mythological character that was admired for one reason or another. But, then our guide told us the story behind the statue. Apparently, the man once had a protégé, a young boy, who he was very fond of. He urged the whole town to pay homage to the boy and to treat him like a God, which they did. But one day the boy died, and so the statue portrayed the man in his state of morning. If I had not looked closer, specifically at the statues face – as Panagiotis instructed – I would not have noticed the pain and sadness in the man’s eyes. I had never felt emotion from sculpture; it was a new experience.

Also, it made me realize that, on other travels, I never really felt that tour guides were that useful because you can usually find all the information in the museum. But the museum at Delphi would not have been the same without our guide. Panagiotis helped me see that these ancient artifacts are more than just evidence of the past, they really do tell stories of ancient lives.

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